University Institute of Engineering and Technology is spread in five main buildings namely :

Academic Building The info-revolution has created growing demand for perfect computer professionals.Our Institute took up the task of meeting that requirement, and started the MCA/BCA programme.This building has :
  • Computer Application (BCA/MCA)
  • Adminstration & Management Office
  • APEC Office
  • M.Phil Department
  • Department Of Mathematics

Computer Science & Engineering

The department offers a U.G. course i.e. Four-year B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

The department has been growing since then in various dimensions like infrastructural facilities, lab facilities and academic activities.

UIET-1                      Department of Electronics & Communication                                 and Department of Physics

The department offers a U.G. course,i.e. Four-year B.Tech. and P.G. course M.Sc. (Electronics) course in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Physics Department is housed on the Ist floor of the Academic Building and the laboratories are situated on the ground floor of the Electronics & Communication Building.

UIET-2                      Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Department of Chemistry

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering offers a Four-Year academic program leading to a B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering.

The Department of Chemistry of the UIET has been running various teaching courses for Chemical Engineering, Material Science Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments.

UIET-3             Department of Information Technology, Department of Material Science & Metallurgical Engineering and
Department of Bio-Informatics

Looking at the growing demands for professionals in the emerging field of Information Technology, the Department of IT was started in the year 2004

The Department of Material Science & Engineering offers a Four-Year academic program leading to a B.Tech degree in Material Science & Engineering

Bioinformatics is an emerging interdisciplinary area which brings together the recent technologies in the fields of computer science, information technology and biological sciences.

Other Infrastructure Buildings in UIET are:
  • Lecture Hall
  • Workshop
  • Central Library
  • Auditorium
  • Computer Centre

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